Our Story

The Geekthink™ brand is born of an idea: stand out from the crowd while revolutionizing the way we read time.

Our watches won't count your steps or track your calories... but we hope the simplicity of design inspires urban people to find moments of self expression and peace in their hectic everyday lives.

It is with this idea that Geekthink™ was created in Edinburgh, UK in form of a street shop offering the "Geek" watch as the brand's cornerstone.

geekthink geek watch

But we didn't know people would go crazy about it...

With its success, the Geek allowed our team to design other models. Each one is tied to the image of one of our designer or team member. That's why each timepiece offers a unique style.

It is in January 2017, after meeting a Belgian e-commerce entrepreneur in London that the brand decided to take a completely different way. For a few months, competition had become tough because of e-commerce and poorly built copies of our Geek watch even started to appear on eBay. After listening to several critics we still decided to go live on the Internet.

Well, here we are...

A new adventure begins: our designers continue to work in their design offices, our sellers are now in charge of communication. No job has been lost.

Thanks to e-commerce, we have been able to lower our production costs and meet new partners to guarantee you an unprecedented value for money in the world of watchmaking.